The non-human animal artist

The non-human animal artist

Toward the presentation of an artistic species companionship

How can we practice, think, and write contemporary circus beyond the human? What would it mean to create new modes of performance that would (re)valorize the animal in the ring? This research project explores the inventive, creative, and active dimensions of non-human animals in the context of circus. In 2022, Nathan Hansi Alberca (multidisciplinary visual artist), Sabrina Sow (equestrian artist) and Franziska Trapp (dramaturge, and researcher) came together to create a vivid dialogue about practice and reflection, artistic exploration and academic research, and informed and naïve approaches. The intention was to understand how artistic and reflective processes are fundamentally intertwined.

The results are forthcoming.


Artistic Research (2021-2022)
Ministère de la culture France | Art et Science. Recherche en théâtre, cirque, marionettes, arts de la rue, conte, mime et arts du geste 2021
German Research Foundation | DFG


© Image: Nathan Hansi Alberca. The non-human animal artist

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