From Anthropocentrism to New Materialism(s)

From Anthropocentrism to New Materialism(s)

Objects and Apparatuses in Circus

How does our perspective change and what new information can we gather about performances if we consider the agency of objects and apparatuses?

This interdisciplinary and heuristic post-doc research project leads to the publication of a series containing three monographies. Each traces the development of human-non-human relations in circus: Dramaturgy, Equipment Design and New Circus Architectures.


Post-Doc Project | Habilitation
Universität Münster (2019-2022) | WWU Post Doc Funds
Freie Universität Berlin (2022-2023) | DFG
Université Libre de Bruxelles (2023-2026) | FNRS


© Image: Philippe Deutsch. Julian Vogel: China Series


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