The (Ir)Relevance of Semiotics. Transformations in the Performative Arts | 2021

The (Ir)Relevance of Semiotics. Transformations in the Performative Arts | 2021

This panel at the International Symposium of the German Association of Semiotics was organized by the section Theatre, Dance & Circus.

Against the background of current developments in dance, theatre and circus studies, the panel discussed the relevance of semiotic theories for the analysis of performative arts.

Transformation of the object: Given the drastic changes in theatre, dance and circus, how has the subject changed? To what extent can developments in theatre, dance and circus be decisively documented in their historical-cultural context by means of semiotic analyses?

Transformation of the subject: How does the semiotics of theatre, dance and circus change in light of the fact that the central subject of these disciplines is currently undergoing a fundamental change? How does our view change and what new results do we arrive at if we assume an agency of the objects used in performances? What is the relation between semiotics and performance and semiotics and new materialism(s)?

New forms of knowledge: To what extent can semiotic concepts be used in the production of performances? How does semiotics position itself in relation to concepts such as “artistic research” and “thinking through” performance?


Dr. Franziska Trapp


Prof. Dr. Erika Fischer-Lichte | Freie Universität Berlin
Prof. Dr. Paul Bouissac | University of Toronto
Prof. Dr. Michael Eightved | University of Copenhagen


© Image: Hipanna/ Maleta. Runners

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