Immersion. Remediation. Revolution – Digital (&) Performance | 2024

Immersion. Remediation. Revolution – Digital (&) Performance | 2024

Panel at the International Symposium of the German Association of Semiotics

Apps, digital videos, digital projections, animated sets and characters, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital robotics, online writing and real-time audience feedback, interactive content creation, motion capturing, motion-triggering, web and videoconferencing, streaming, Web3 based funding programs – these are only a few examples of the large range of digital technologies used in diverse ways in the context of the performative arts. As a result, the inclusion of such technologies in theatre, dance, and circus must be examined in a critical debate about their influence and impact on society. Moreover, attention should be given to how the performing arts themselves actually question, reformat, and remediate such technologies.

This panel aims to explore the critical potential of digital application in present-day artistic performance through the lens of semiotics. In line with the panel’s fundamental premise, the focus will be on the interweaving of semiotics and performativity.


Prof. Dr. Karel Vanhaesebrouck
Dr. Franziska Trapp in Collaboration with CREW (BE)


Please find the Call-for-Papers here.


© Image: Charlène Dray. Cie Hors Systèmes

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