Science Communication | 2018

Science Communication | 2018

Becoming more colorful – becoming more important?

Activities in science and research without science communication are becoming increasingly rare. But what can science communication look like today alongside the traditional press release, the lecture series or the insta-post about the latest publication? What are reasonable criteria for evaluating science communication? The opening of UpSideDown – A travelling Exhibition  and the launch of the accompanying UpSideDown – An Academic Graphic Novel  served as a starting point for this discussion.


Keynote and Podium
Dr. Philipp Niemann | KIT Karlsruhe
Prof. Dr. Michael Quante | Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Knowledge Transfer and Sustainability at the Universität Münster
Viola van Melis | Science Communication Universität Münster
Prof. Dr. Moritz Baßler
Dr. Franziska Trapp

Dr. Franziska Trapp
Event at the Universität Münster.


© Image: Andreas Gärtner. Graphic Recording. UpSideDown Circus and Space. Universität Münster 2017

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