Dramaturgy on the Border between Art and Academia

Dramaturgy on the Border between Art and Academia

“Those who are able to read their own performances can also make decisions during the creation process more consciously.”

The feedback method Reading Circus was developed at the Universität Münster in collaboration with contemporary artists and students. Based on the analysis of work-in-progress presentations, it provides a tool for dramaturgic practice.

The method is now used all over Europe in a workshop format. Producers and curators use it to spotlight audience development and public relations in emerging artforms. Artists and dramaturges and as a feedback method to establish an empowering, stimulating, and creative work environment during training and creation.

The development of this feedback method is documented in the film Reading Circus. Dramaturgy on the Border between Art and Academia.

A scholarly article explaining and contextualising the method was published in the anthology 360° Circus.


Please contact Franziska.Trapp@ulb.be for further information.


© Image: Benjamin Leers: Reading Circus. Universität Münster 2019


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