Circus | Studies is an interdisciplinary and international research project led by Dr. Franziska Trapp. After its initiation in 2015 at the Universität Münster (DE), it spent two years at the Freie Universität Berlin (DE | 2022-2023), and was relocated to the Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE) in November 2023.

interdisciplinary and international project

© Franzi Kreis. Marcel et ces drôles de femmes


to obtain knowledge of circus-related desiderata

to rethink and further develop theories, concepts, and methods of the arts and humanities

to anchor circus in university research and coursework

to question philosophical insights that influence our (western) society

to resonate with current trends in art, theatre, dance, performance, and cultural studies

to raise awareness of the significance of the circus as a cultural good

Undertaking deep and rigorous research of the circus, which is still a largely unexplored object, will result in the acquisition of a broad knowledge of cultural, theatre, and performance studies.


© Images: Christian Trick & Benjamin Leers

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